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These Causes and Remedies for Throat You Need to Know

Sore throat is generally characterized by pain and itching in the throat which can be accompanied by coughing, sneezing, or fever. Knowing the causes and the right medications for strep throat, can help you overcome them. Generally strep throat can go away on its own within 5-7 days. Even so, in certain conditions you may need a sore throat medicine to speed healing. Thus, you can recover faster to resume your normal activities. Causes of Sore Throat and How to Treat It Viral infection is one of the most common causes of a person experiencing strep throat. For example influenza viruses and mononucleosis which often cause respiratory infections, beginning with strep throat. In addition to viral infections, strep throat can also be caused by several other factors which include: Bacterial infection Streptococcus bacteria is one of the most common bacteria that causes a person to experience strep throat. Toxic or irritant Sore throat can also be caused by chemicals conta
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Effective Ways to Get Rid of Stretch Marks

Stretch marks appear in the form of lines or strokes in certain body parts, such as the abdomen, chest, hips, buttocks and thighs. Although not dangerous, but can interfere with appearance. To get rid of it, you need to know the right way. The appearance of stretch marks is caused by stretching the skin. Usually experienced by pregnant women or people who experience weight gain or loss quickly. Here are some effective ways to get rid of stretch marks. Choices of Topical Medication for Relieving Stretch Marks There are several topical drug choices (topical drugs) that are considered effective in removing stretch marks. These products can be obtained at pharmacies, supermarkets, drug stores, and beauty care places. The following topical medications can help you get rid of stretch marks: Retinoid cream You can apply a topical retinoid drug, a vitamin A derivative product, for example topical drugs that contain tretinoin. The use of this cream is effective for removing stretch

Bad Mood, Overcome With This Food

Did you know that the benefits of food are not just for health. But, also can to improve bad mood (bad mood). So, what kind of food can make your mood improve? Let's find out together. When a bad mood hit, surely you tend to eat unhealthy foods. Foods such as potato chips, sweets and alcoholic beverages, will be preferred for consumption when the mood is bad. In fact, these foods and drinks can actually worsen your mood. When in a bad mood, choose foods that contain omega-3 fatty acids, probiotics, fiber, protein including amino acids tryptophan, folic acid (vitamin B9), and various other types of B vitamins. The ingredients are known to improve bad moods. Foods That Can Improve Mood After knowing the food content that plays an important role in improving mood, now is the time to know what kind of food. Here are some foods that you can consume when you're in a bad mood: Banana One important contribution of bananas is the amino acid tryptophan and vitamin B6. Vitamin